I take this opportunity to say thank you to the NYU staff. Doctor Pyun, Joseph and, physician assistant Jessica made me feel so comfortable. The nurses, the anesthesiologists made me feel confident. You have changed my opinion about NYU Langone…in the same time I feel guilty for not doing something they requested from me a year or two years ago. You treated me like a family member. Thanks a million to the staff of Doctor Guerling office. The attention you’ve shown me is unforgettable. I am trying to recover from the surgery….looking forward to being on my feet again with less pain. My life was worthless. Thanks again!!!


Good day or night. I have no problem at all if you would like to use my gratitude on your website. The only problem is my broken English. I always said to others, people in the medical field should be kind, compassionate…. A smile heals. I received all that and more at your office and at NYU. Thanks again!!!